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Summer Training: Rising Hammers and Hammers

$250.00 – or subscribe and get 83.25% off

Start: Monday, July 8th
End: Monday, August 12th

Would you like to pay in six installments? (Once a month for six months.)

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Start: Monday, July 8th
End: Monday, August 12th

Practice times:

Monday 5:30-7PM

Tuesday 5:30-7PM

Thursday 5:30-7PM

Sunday 5-6:30PM

Coaches:              Josh Llopez, Jay Lavalley

Theme: Individual proficiency and quality repetitions

Capped: 26 wrestlers

Purpose of the class: This class is focused on the individual as opposed to generalized technique install. The goal is 1000 repetitions of a wrestler’s #1 attack progression. Wrestlers should learn and drill the details of getting to their tie-ups and getting to their attacks from their tie ups. Coaches will not be introducing lots of new technique; the coaching focus is on high-percentage hand-fighting strategies to leg attacks and providing targeted feedback for wrestlers.

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Sessions per Week

4X Weekly, 2X Weekly

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