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NOVA Gold Membership

$1,100.00 – or $100.00 / month for 11 months

$100 a month for 11 months

In-house all-inclusive membership

Open for the month of August only

Valid from September 2020 thru July 2021

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Our NOVA Gold Membership is a 1-year, in-house all-inclusive package that allows wrestlers to access all seasonal training programs, mini-camps, and acquire all club gear for $100 a month. This saves the average wrestling family $500+ annually.

  • This membership is valid from September 2020 thru July 2021.
  • It will be available for the month of August only. After registration closes, wrestlers will need to purchase seasonal packages individually.
  • This offer is available for all age groups: elementary, middle, and high school
  • All mini-camps & clinics held by NOVA are included in this package. This does not include the Joe Kemmerer clinics.
  • The membership does NOT include competition fees (e.g., TOP of the Podium, CAWL, individual tournaments, or dual team events).


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