Fundamental Movement Skills Training

Our technique curriculum is fundamentally based on sound physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. To develop physical literacy, we created the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) training curriculum. Our FMS training will develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination necessary to effectively win key wrestling positions and properly execute moves from those positions.

Without basic physical literacy skills, wrestlers will not be able to properly execute wrestling techniques. This is a fundamental requirement that cannot be overlooked in the early stages of a wrestler’s career. Over 1/4 of every NOVA WC training session will involve physical literacy skills training. Our FMS curriclum will decrease injuries and promote overall athleticism — benefits that transfer to other sports.

My son couldn’t stand on his hands, do a round-off, or even back bridge when we started in March. He participated in the FMS training this spring. Now it’s June and his wrestling strength has obviously improved. He enjoyed noticing his progress throughout the training. He would come home and say, “I did a kickover today!”  or “I can almost do a front handspring!” The training definitely boosted his confidence. He can hit moves he was never able to before.

NOVA WC parent