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Fall 2020 Schedule and Sign Up

Little Hammers (ages 4-7)4-5:15pm
Elementary School (grades 1-5)5:30-7pm5:30-7pm5:30-7pm
Middles School (6-8) & High School (grades 9-12)7:30-9pm7:30-9pm7:30-9pm


Elementary: M, T, Th 5:30-7pm

Middle school/High School: M, T, Th 7:30-9pm

Start date: Monday, 8/31

End date: Thursday, 11/19

Contact: Coach Sewell

Cell: 910-200-6544


Ground Rules

  • No more than 24 people in the room at once (22 wrestlers, 2 coaches)
  • Wrestlers should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before start time and leave no more than 10 minutes after practice ends
  • NO WALK-INS; registration by time-slot only
  • Once a time-slot is full, it’s full!

Check In

  • Athletes will stand in line in front of main stairwell 6 feet apart approximately 10 minutes before practice
  • Prior to entering the building our staff will ask a few screening questions and take each athlete‚Äôs temperature with an infrared thermometer.

Screening Protocol will be:

  1. Have you been feeling ill, had a cough, or fever in the last 2 weeks?
  2. Are any members of your household in close contact, or on quarantine for exposure to COVID-19?

*If an athlete has a fever, they will not be permitted in practice. Please take temperature before leaving your homes to prevent any inconvenience.

Inside the building and practice protocols

  • All items must be placed in a locker; no items are permitted anywhere else.
  • Drinking fountains (unless absolutely necessary) will be closed down, so please bring your own water bottle.
  • Bathrooms will be open, however, only one athlete at a time. Athletes must wash hands afterward.
  • Once athletes check in, please proceed directly to the lounge to store items in a locker and then immediately to the mat and sit down 6 ft apart along the wall.
  • Please pick one practice partner to stay with for the entire practice, if athletes do not have a partner the coach will pick one for them. We encourage athletes to line up their partner prior to practice.
  • Practice partners will choose an area on the mat and stay in that area throughout practice.

Conclusion of practice

  • Athletes will gather belongings and exit within 10 minutes of practice concluding; no lingering after practice.
  • Coaches will proceed to clean the facility.

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